#MWC16: 5G & Data Fuel the Internet of Things

From Fringe Tech to Consumer Tech

The Internet of Things has come a long way since last year's MWC, with many blue chip players now showing how they plan to integrate IoT in their ecosystems.

Smart Farming

Using IoT technology, farmers could soon be taking care of their crops from a remote location, with better knowledge of soil conditions and the ability to better respond to natural phenomena. The IoT also promises to minimize waste and help manage time and costs.

Smart Buying: Timely Arrival

Point-of-purchase innovations were all the rage and we saw many partnerships between manufacturers and payment systems in order to enable seamless purchasing experiences.

5G: The Enabler

All of these new technological advancements will be made possible thanks the emerging 5G network, which promises speeds ten times faster than what we are currently used to.

Our Insight: What Does This Mean for Brands?

Data, and lots of it. The more consumers become connected, the more data they will produce. This information will be used to learn more about consumers' preferences, habits and behaviors, informing smarter ads. IoT clearly has the potential to change the way we interact with our day-to-day environment; it will be up to brands to capitalize on this.

Warren Zenna is the Head of Mobext US


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