Apple Watch Opportunities

Wearables Landscape: Quick Snapshot

The wearable computing market is growing at a very rapid pace thanks to a multitude of uses and value propositions. The smartwatch is the leader of the pack and is expected to occupy 70% market share by 2017.

About the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is expected to dominate the market and reach 40% market share. The product's target is of particular interest: most of them are young and early technology adopters, they're also twice as likely to rely on business and travel apps for productivity.

The Opportunity

The Apple Watch offers brands many opportunities, most importantly to be seen as a technology leader in their field and simultaneously enabling new business opportunities.

The Challenge

The real question ahead is: how can we create value in a brand new category? Keeping in mind that the Apple Watch is an extension of the iPhone it is connected to, marketers have to re-think their mobile strategy when considering what messages they wish to deliver to users.

Initial Examples

We take a look at some app examples from early Apple Watch adopters, comparing features and design.

AppleWatch_Preview1 AppleWatch_Preview2

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