Custom Connectivity, Commerce & Marketing @ Mobile World Congress 2015

The future of media, data and content marketing now extends far beyond our phones: connected devices such as watches, glasses, wristbands and many more now form the next frontier of marketing. We explore Mobile World Congress 2015 to discuss the new possibilities mobile and wearable technologies are affording to marketers: at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Of particular note are innovations such as smart mirrors, as well as geo-fencing and beacons. While connected objects like smart mirrors provide consumers with ways of tracking their health and beauty, they also offer marketers a portal to offer recommended skincare products. Likewise, geo-fencing enhanced with beacons allow for ultra-targeted location-based marketing.

We also take a moment to consider the role of data, more specifically: the rise in amount of data available for marketers to analyze and apply in order to reach consumers in more personalized ways, transforming big data into smart data.






Watch the video here.

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