#MWC16: Experiences from Innovation City


New partnerships between automobile manufacturers and telecoms are leading to new technology features such as remote lock/unlock, a stolen vehicle locator and vehicle monitoring via smartphone.


As consumers become more connected, so will commerce. The presence of digital shopping windows such as the Virtual Mall, enabled by mobile payment systems, made this all the more clear.


If we can connect our cars, why not suitcases as well? Smart luggage was yet another forward thinking project on display, allowing users to locate their bags via smartphone and offering a remote lock/unlock feature.


Virtual Reality was another prominent trend this year. Whether via dedicated content or through experiences which leverage external touchpoints, VR is poised for success.

Ushering the Networked Society

In a not-so-distant future, we could very well be living according to a new socio-economic model, powered by technology. As "Netizens" we will demand the ability to share content and ideas regardless of location, changing the way we interact with brands and each other.

Our Insight

These innovations based on the promise of mobility will completely change the relationship between brands and consumers. Brands face both a challenge and an opportunity and will need to offer fully interactive experiences to create value.

Fabio Firinu is the Head of Mobext Italy


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