How to Meet Shoppers’ Mobile Expectations

The New Era of Shopping

M-Commerce is booming worldwide and shoppers are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to research products while they shop. Brands need to catch up to this trend and start providing content designed with mobile in mind.

Answering the Call

Not all brands have acknowledged this new reality, however. By delaying their transition to more cohesive mobile experiences that understand consumer intent, businesses are putting themselves at risk of losing clients.

Guiding Light

Nonetheless, some companies have understood and invested in mobile's potential, enabling them to remove pain-points from consumers' lives and adding value in the form of convenience. We take a look at how Starbucks' app has become part of their core strategy in just over a year after its launch.

Our Insight

Mobile's omnipresence in consumers' lives means brands have near-infinite opportunities to connect with consumers, the key is to do so at the right moment and in the right context. This is why brands need to view mobile as a process rather than a project and focus on providing continuous and flexible mobile experiences.

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Warren Zenna is the Head of Mobext US

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