Mobile Ad Viewability in the Programmatic Era

Programmatic advertising is challenging decades of traditional business experience by using media companies as proxies to reach their target audiences. This new method of buying is providing a new paradigm for advertising, boosting campaign accuracy everywhere, including mobile. But how does mobile programmatic stay accountable on delivery and viewability compared to desktop? Is programmatic truly helping? We take an in-depth look at the rise of mobile programmatic, and the main players and influencers in the field. We also offer best practice guidelines for advertisers to conquer viewability, allowing them to focus on mobile-specific interactions and business results.


  1. Introduction and Context
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole: Understanding the Mobile Audience Structure
  3. Through the Looking Glass: the Industry’s Main Actors and Innovators
  4. Mobile Programmatic and Ad Viewability: Friend or Foe?
  5. Ad Viewability in the Programmatic Era

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Dimitri Dautel is Mobext's Global Business Director

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