Mobile Opportunities for the Travel Industry

The Connected Traveler

Mobile is now consumers' main point of digital contact. This ubiquity means travelers are more connected than ever and that travel brands must embrace mobile in order to meet new expectations of service and experience.

The Uber Revolution

Fortunately for travel brands, inspiration is only a few screens away. Uber's frictionless experience provides a great blueprint for developing individual mobile-first approaches, both functionally and conceptually.

Enhancing Journeys

Meeting travelers' expectations is both a challenge and an opportunity for brands. To better understand these expectations, it helps to think of travel as happening over the course of five distinct stages: Inspiration, Planning, Booking, Experiencing and Sharing.

Our Insight

Travelers want, among other things, immediate answers to their questions before and during their trips, and easily accessible inspiration while they're looking for their next destination. Mobile is uniquely positioned to answer these expectations across the travel cycle.

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