#MWC15: From Big Data to Smart Data

Data Overload?

We produce so much data that 90% of all existing data was created in the last two years. Social media posts, pictures and videos posted online, online shopping transactions, location-based services, and many more types of interaction, all contribute to a daily production of 2.5 trillion bytes of data.

Data and Business

Data can help us better understand consumers, but it is also a huge business on its own: on the social side, Twitter has turned data into a significant revenue stream. Likewise, mobile data will become increasingly important as it allows us to gain far deeper real-world insights.

Our Insight

Given the general enthusiasm for connected objects we observed at Mobile World Congress, the amount of data produced is only going to increase. These objects also give us more opportunities to connect with consumers. We must focus our attention on the tools that will allow us activate true personalization of mobile experiences such as mobile-first DMPs. Ultimately it's our approach to data which needs to be smart and purposeful: we cannot satisfy ourselves with using the data we have, we must develop the data we need.

Adrian Kielich Head of Mobext Germany. He leads a team of mobile experts, creating meaningful mobile connections between brands and their customers.

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