#MWC15: Mobile-First Thinking is Personalized CRM

Customer Engagement

The ultra-personal dimension of mobile is undeniable: phones have become a "take everywhere" item for most. This is an incredible opportunity for any business using CRM to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. Not only do mobile devices allow us to know more about consumers, they enable us to reach them directly and in a personalized fashion. As we saw at MWC, businesses are re-thinking their approach to CRM using mobile specific data insights such as location services.

“Notifications are the Remote Control for Apps”

With personalization at the forefront of this new era of marketing, we are seeing an increased focus on data acquisition and provision. This allows businesses to target consumers based on their interests, their location (frequency, time of visit, activities performed, etc.), app-usage, media consumed and many more.

Our Insight

With this drastic increase in the amount of information available, marketers need to consider when, where and how to best approach each consumer. Mobile marketing is in a unique position to best accomplish this because the format allows us to connect with consumers in a meaningful, personalized way at the best possible moment. This personalization will allow us to better provide lifetime value for consumers.

Tomas Bleier Van Meerbeke is Head of Mobext Mexico. He leads a team of mobile experts, creating meaningful mobile connections between brands and their customers.

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