#MWC15: Wearables Are Everywear

Watch It Grow

Propelled by the imminent launch of the Apple Watch, wearables are dominating the conversation in mobile technology and attendees of the Mobile World Congress were anxious to see what Apple’s competitors had to offer.


A majority of organizations are eager to implement wearable technology. However, given these devices’ perceived threat as a security risk, how can marketers create safe experiences for end-users?

Our Insight

So far, wearables haven’t reached a critical mass large enough to become mainstream. Working against that purpose are widespread privacy concerns that will only be overcome if enough consumers commit themselves to making wearables a part of their lifestyle. Above all else, traditional advertisement will not be as prominent on this medium: owned content will be king.

Warren Zenna is the EVP & Managing Director of Mobext US and a veteran of digital marketing. He leads a team of mobile experts, creating meaningful mobile connections between brands and their customers.

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