#MWC16: App Planet Trends

Mobile Video Has Gone Mainstream

Studies reveal that video is perceived as less intrusive compared to other ad formats and with the rise of social video apps, users naturally want to watch video in portrait mode. This is an opportunity for brands to take advantage of mobile's vertical screen!

Programmatic, Programmatic, Programmatic!

Combining behavioral data with geo-location data - both collected from phones - marketers can build highly accurate audience clusters and activate them through ad programmatic in order to increase relevance.

Everything is Tracked, Everything is Measured

App analytics are quickly becoming increasingly relevant. Going forward brands will want to know how their consumers are using their apps in order to better connect with them and capitalize on the investment put into the application.

Our Insight

Brands will need to take advantage of smartphones' unique native capabilities to offer mobile-first experiences. Via these experiences, brand will be able to gain unique insights into their consumers' behavior, because they take their phones everywhere. Behavior analytics will be key in optimizing experiences, both in ad delivery and app optimization!

Lisa Haddag is Mobext's Global Mobile Strategist


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