Cross-Device: What It Means for Mobile Marketing

Looking at Figures

Consumers are using more and more devices in order to connect to the internet and make purchases. In this new age, brands have more opportunities than ever to engage with their customers on multiple touchpoints.

Why it Matters

Mobile has become the first touchpoint for internet access, yet marketing budgets have yet to catch up. Consumers expect brands to interact with them as individuals rather than device users, meaning brands need a way to identify a consumer as a unique person to target them seamlessly across devices.

How it Works

For lack of a 'perfect' method, behaviors can be measured, tracked and understood by using a Device Graph. This method relies on two types of data: probabilistic and deterministic. The latter is where mobile plays a big part, seeing as its trackers can reveal not only users' digital paths, but their real-world location at the time of access.

Going Beyond Mobile

As digital becomes increasingly fragmented, cross-device can help advertisers reach those who really matter: their consumers. Cross-device has the potential to usher in a new era, for advertising and communication as a whole!

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Dimitri Dautel is Mobext's Global Business Director

Lisa Haddag is Mobext's Global Mobile Strategist

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