Twitter Contest Rules

MOBEXT MWC Bluetooth Headset

Contest Terms and Conditions



MOBEXT, whose head office is situated at 29 Quai de Dion Bouton – 92800 PUTEAUX (France), registered at the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registe under number 790 084 628 (hereinafter called the « Organizing Company » and/or « Mobext »), is organizing from  March 9th 2016 at 4.00 p.m. until March 23rd 2016 at 11.59 p.m, a contest called “MOBEXT MWC Bluetooth Headset Contest” (hereinafter called the “Contest”) accessible only on Mobext’s official Twitter Account : https:// (hereinafter called “the Twitter Account”).



Participation in the Contest implies acceptance by the participants (hereinafter called the “Participant”) of these rules of the Contest. Any Participant who infringes one or more articles in these rules shall be excluded from the Competition as well as denied an opportunity to win the prize, and/or will be disqualified.



Participation in the Contest is open to any natural person who:

  • is of legal age residing in any country worldwide;
  • is residing in a country where such games and/or competitions are authorized by applicable law;
  • has access to the internet;
  • has a Twitter account configured as “Public”.

Staff members of Mobext, and more generally employees of the Havas S.A. group which Mobext is part of, as well as closely related family members (spouse, partner, direct ascendants and descendants, brothers and sisters) may not participate in the Competition.

Participants failing to comply with any conditions of participation laid down in these rules shall be automatically disqualified.

Participants authorize any verification of their identity and postal address and/or e-mail address. Any false identity and/or false address and/or false e-mail address or erroneous data will accordingly render null and void the participations and winnings obtained.

No legal entity may participate to this Contest.



The Contest will be announced on:

The Contest takes place on Mobext’s official Twitter Account and begins on March 9th 2016 at 4.00 p.m. and ends on March 23rd 2016 at 11.59 p.m.  Any entry submitted before or after these dates will not be considered.

The Contest will be carried out as follows, and Participants must proceed accordingly:

  • Mobext will tweet a specific Tweet via its Twitter Account;
  • In order to be eligible to the Contest, the Participants must cumulatively:

1) Follow the Mobext Twitter Account;

2) Re-Tweet the specific Tweet such as designated by Mobext.

  • After the Contest has ended on March 23rd, Mobext will designate a winner, such as described under Article 6 herein, by random draw amongst the eligible Participants.

It is specified that one (1) re-tweet is sufficient, and that the number of re-tweets will not increase Participant’s chances to win the Contest. For the avoidance of doubt, it also specified that only new Mobext followers are eligible to win the prize.

Furthermore, and for the avoidance of doubt, the Participant understands that any incomplete action carried out during the Contest (i.e. only following the Twitter Account, and not re-tweeting the specific Tweet), will lead to Participant’s disqualification.

Participants who have not complied with the eligibility conditions set out in these rules will be disqualified.



One (1) winner (“the Winner”) will be selected by Mobext at random drawing, amongst all the eligible Participants such as set forth in article 3, and will win the prize described in Article 6 below.

The potential Winner will be designated and contacted no later than March 29th 2016.

The potential Winner designated as a result of the draw will be notified by direct message via its Twitter account.  Mobext will invite the Winner to communicate certain information, such as full name, e-mail address, phone number and postal address. For clarity it is specified that the potential Winner must use the same Twitter account to answer. The Winner will then have five (5) business days to communicate to Mobext such information, starting from the Direct Message via Twitter. However, it is specified that if the potential Winner is found to be residing in a country where such competitions are prohibited by applicable law, Mobext reserves the right to disqualify the potential Winner.

Mobext cannot be held responsible in the event that the winner is not contactable by e-mail, or via its Twitter account.

A lack of response by the Winner to the Direct Message informing it of its win within the time frame specified above will render the attribution of the prize null and void.  A new winner will then be designated, by the same means as described above.

Once the Winner has fully provided Mobext with all necessary information described in this section, and is eligible under section 3, and within the time frame, Mobext will publicly announce the Winner on its Twitter Account.

When accepting the prize, the Winner authorizes Mobext to use personal information provided during his/her participation in the Contest for the purpose of sending the prize, without this use causing any rights, other than those in application of Personal Data protection rights,  or remuneration other than the prize and in any way whatsoever.



The Winner who has won pursuant to article 4 and who has accomplished all requirements set out in article 5, will win the following prize:

  • LG TONE INFINIM™ HBS-900 Bluetooth Headset with a unit value of 78,50 GB Pounds (seventy-eight pounds and fifty cents GB).

Mobext reserves the right to replace the prize by a prize of equivalent value, without any claim being made in this regard.

The prize will be accepted as it is described in these rules. It cannot be exchanged or returned, nor be subject to any financial compensation or financial equivalent.

If the Winner does not want or is unable to take possession of the prize, it will not be entitled to any compensation. The prize will not be awarded and will be kept by Mobext.



The prize will be sent to the Winner at the address communicated to Mobext, within a period of approximately one (1) month from the date of communication of the postal address to Mobext. Winner understands that Mobext has no responsibility, or no control, on the delivery time.

In the event that the Winner does not provide Mobext with its postal address within five (5) business days, it waives its right to the prize.

Any gifts undelivered and returned to Mobext as a result of an incomplete or incorrect address provided by a Winner cannot be recovered by the latter and will remain the property of Mobext, without Mobext being held responsible. Similarly, any unclaimed prize at the post office will not be recoverable by the Winner and will remain the property of Mobext. In general, Mobext cannot be held responsible for any damage, theft or loss occurring during the dispatch and delivery of a prize. Furthermore, Mobext accepts no responsibility for any incident or accident that may arise during the use of a prize.

It is to be noted that Mobext will not offer any service or warranty relating to the use of the prizes.



These rules are made available to the Participants free of charge, within the Tweet that announces the Contest, and Mobext’s website available at:

Mobext reserves the right during the Contest to amend these rules in respect of any changes to the Contest.

These rules will be sent free of charge to any individual who makes the request.



Accessing the Twitter Account and participation in the Contest is the sole responsibility of each Participant.

It is the responsibility of each Participant to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software stored on their computer equipment against any attack. Participation in the Contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the internet in particular as regards technical performance, response times for checking, querying or transferring information, risks of interruption, risks associated with the connection, the lack of protection of certain data against any misuse and risk of contamination by viruses circulating on the internet.

Mobext assumes no liability for misuse or incidents related to the computer of a Participant or in the event of any malfunctioning of methods of connecting to the internet and/or of the internet itself (including but not limited to, interruption, deletion, poor transmission, etc.), leading to failures in the administration, security, fairness, integrity or management of the Contest.

Mobext  cannot be held liable for any damage, material or immaterial, caused to the Participants, to their computer equipment and to the data stored therein, or any direct or indirect consequences thereof, including their personal, professional or business activities.

Mobext may cancel all or part of the Contest if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, including by electronic means as part of participation in the Contest or in determining the winner. It reserves, in this case, the right not to award the prize to (a) fraudster(s) and/or to take legal action against those responsible for such frauds. However, it does not accept any liability whatsoever vis-à-vis Participants for any fraud committed.



In application and in respect of applicable laws governing intellectual property rights, the reproduction and the representation of any or all of the elements part of this Contest is strictly forbidden.


The brands mentioned during this Contest are registered trademarks, registered by their respective copyright holders.




Mobext shall not be liable in the event of cancellation of the Contest due to force majeure or fraud. Mobext reserves the right to stop the Contest at any time without moral or financial damages for the Participants.



Participants Personal data, if any, will only be used in connection with the provision of this Contest, and will only be stored until an official and final winner is designated by Mobext, and will in no case be used for commercial solicitations. Such data will not be sold nor transferred to third parties, in any way.

Winner’s personal data will only be used by Mobext solely for performing its commitments under these terms and conditions, meaning for organizing and sending the prize.

Participants have a right to: access, rectification, withdrawal, concerning their personal data. Any request in regard to this may be addressed in writing to: 29 Quai de Dion Bouton – 92800 PUTEAUX, France; or by email at:



These Contest Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

The entire rules related to the Contest are contemplated herein. In any case, the events unanticipated by these rules will solely be settled by Mobext. Any dispute arising from this Contest will be subject to an amicable solution. If no such solution is possible, the dispute will be submitted to the competent jurisdiction. No dispute may arise one (1) month after the end of the Contest.

In case of any complaints, for any reason, such requests must be communicated to Mobext within one (1) month, starting from the end of the Contest, to the following address: 29 Quai de Dion Bouton – 92800 PUTEAUX, France; or by email at:

Any modification of these rules will be made by means of an amendment that will be communicated to the Participants.