BBC Doctor Who

Delivering Awareness and Engagement Via an Innovative Format


• Drive awareness through high-impact rich-media mobile units in premium environments

• Maximize user engagement for UK TV show Doctor Who (BBC)


Mobext UK used infamous character Doctor Who to create the first ever “sidekick” creative in the UK. Sitting within content at the bottom of the screen, this new mobile ad format is completely non-intrusive and provides positive brand association. Users “tap” the ad to expand.Targeting young users age 7-24, this innovative campaign ran on a whitelist of high-profile websites and relevant gaming/tech verticals, to be associated only with high-quality editorial content in the most premium environments.


The campaign generated 45,812 engagements:

• Engagement Rate of 2.5% (vs 0.80% Benchmark)

• Expansion Rate of 4% (vs 2% Benchmark)

• In-view of 88% (vs 87% Benchmark)

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