Domino’s Pizza

Awareness Campaign Generates In-Store Sales for Domino’s Pizza



Mobext UK created a number of different audience segments based on people’s real-world visitation history: regular visitors to Domino’s, regular visitors to their competitors, commuters or other audience brackets defined as in-market by the client.

Mobext then activated the campaign using a variety of “location-enabled” creative executions – i.e. formats that used Google Maps integration to show a user’s proximity to the store, targeted at key priming moments. Location partner Ground Truth helped us determine how many impressions resulted in a visit, and this data was used as a lever to optimize ad mid-campaign.

Finding users on their way home and offering them appropriate, useful and personalized information in a mobile-friendly ad format (closest Domino’s location) raised engagement and led to the success of this campaign.


The campaign drove a considerable uplift in visits to Domino’s stores nationwide :

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