Ultra-Targeted Rich Media Campaign


Deliver an engaging mobile format to a targeted segment in order to show all the advantages of the Milan-New York flight route with Emirates. 


Following the client guidelines we built a rich media banner divided in 3 parts. In the upper section there was a slideshow of 3 different clickable pictures showing the main advantages of a journey with Emirates. In the central part we inserted an Emirates New York sponsor video whereas in the bottom part there were CTA, logo and link-outs to Emirates digital channels.

Then we targeted the Ad on Smartphone and Tablet devices to high income users with a focus on “business travelers”. We identified this elusive cluster with "people who frequently travel by plane (GPS tracking) during working-days". 


In 16 days, the campaign achieved about 30k Clicks to the client‘s domains with almost 4% of CTR and about 12K total Video Plays. The campaign helped create positive awareness of Emirates Airline flights.

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