Interactive Ad Unit and Dedicated Landing Page Drives Awareness and Leads


Porsche wanted to drive awareness around its booth at the Bangkok International Motor Show (March 29 – April 9, 2017) and to collect qualified leads from a dedicated landing page.



Mobext Thailand used socio-demographic, behavioral, technographic and contextual data to target affinity audiences with rich media formats. Based on brand campaign materials, the team developed premium content and created an interactive ad unit where users could swipe through the Porsche’s offer and the event information. Upon clicking, users were redirected to a dedicated landing page where they could request more information.



The combination of an interactive ad unit and a dedicated landing page led to the success of the campaign:

A high number of interactions recorded on the ads prior to visit shows that people engaged with the campaign and consumed content before taking action. We, therefore, succeeded in creating a pre-qualification process.